Why I’m Ready For a Relationship

I understand how critical it is to be mentally and emotionally available for a relationship. I know that memories of your past that are close to your present could either block, delay, or destroy your chances of experiencing love in the future. So, I decided recently, to cast all hope and faith aside of ever crossing paths with a woman I was once in love with. I felt I needed to do that because if I am to meet my wife, my eyes have to open to see her and my heart has to be open receive her—otherwise I wouldn’t.

Moving on from the past isn’t the only reason why I’m ready for a relationship. Personal growth and spiritual maturity are also two reasons. I’ve been single for five years now. Of course I’ve dated within that time frame. I had casual relationships that didn’t move past the point than what the opportunity presented. However, as time went on, and I’ve matured as a man, and grew closer to God in my relationship with him, which made me desire something that paralleled to my growth. I wanted to be with a woman who was either on the same level as I was or desired, not for me, but for herself, that she wanted to know more about God so that she could have a close and intimate relationship with Him.

Note: I don’t expect a woman to be where I’m at in my walk with God. We all come to know God at different points our lives. I may be the reason that my future wife desires an intimate relationship with God. Or, I may meet someone who may encourage me to step things up. That’s the beauty coming together at different points. It’s an opportunity for both people to grow or have a positive impact in some way.

I’m at a point in life, that if I were to share my body with someone, I want it to be with my wife.  A few days before my birthday of this year, God spoke to my heart about purity. He wanted me to have a pure spirit, and to deny any sexual immorality. My mind and heart had to be clean. I thought it was just related to my purpose/calling, but as the days rolled, having a pure spirit was connected to love life.

Going back to what I initially said about dealing with any past hurts or unresolved feelings so you could be emotionally and mentally available, your spirit has to be cleaned so that it could be available. Available to receive something right, sacred and purr. Which is a virtuous woman.

I’m ready for a serious relationship that could lead to the moment I bend knee to propose to her. And to that very day when we look each other in the eyes and say I do. That’s what I want. That’s what I’m looking for to. . I want consistency, certainty, excellent communication, honesty and faithfulness. Any other than that, I have no interest.


9 thoughts on “Why I’m Ready For a Relationship

  1. Tania Montanez says:


    I am not sure if you get this, but I wanted to know how you were doing w/ everything?

    Tania Montanez


  2. Ticia says:

    This is amazing. I turned 35, this year and for years I did not understand how to show myself love or know what my worth was. Right after the new year I just wanted to be by my self and let go of the past. And I can say I am truly happy.

  3. Melvin Davis says:


    And that kind of happiness will open doors to experience joy. Love is on the way but make sure you’re aligned in God’s will to receive it. That’s the key!

  4. stilettoauthority247 says:

    I always enjoy reading anything you write; such a breath of fresh air. Continued success, favor and daily victories to you. You push me to do better. You don’t pen one sided issues or views; it’s balanced. I celebrate you and applaud your stance and transparency, not just as a man but as an awesome Black in America Christian Kingdom minded and aimed man.

  5. stilettoauthority247 says:

    I always enjoy anything You write. Thank you for balanced discussions and transparency. Continued success, favor and daily victories to you. I celebrate, applaude and support your present and future endeavors.. You’re not only a Black man in America, but a Kingdom minded man; that’s to be commended. Thank you for often sharing your insights, growth, wisdom and a portion of your heart with the world.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thank you. I’m floored by your remarks of my work and what I’ve shared personally.

      It’s my prayer that millions of others would receive my work in the same way.

      Thanks for you blessings. I pray God blesses you for sharing these words with me.

  6. This is very true, I am in a very fulling relationship where we both are committed to being sexually pure before marriage. I will tell you that I’ve never had such a clear head and heart because I am not blinded sexual intimacy which is only meant for a wife and husband to experience. Even though he is spiritually more mature than I am which is okay 🙂 my desire to be closer to God is greater than ever and I am growing closer to the Lord day by day. It is important for women to be able to see their potential husband who can be the spiritual leader of the household, and to stop dating men who you have to pull teeth to go to church or even open up their bible or pray etc. It makes a world of a difference dating a man who is sold out for the Lord, who will cherish your heart the way God intended it to be cherished!

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Wherever the presence of God resides, that place will flow in health and vibrancy. And so shall any relationship he ordains.

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