God is waiting for you to commit before He releases it.–Melvin Davis

This morning, I started my devotion off with reading a Psalm. For me, it’s important to give thanks and reading a Psalm before sharing my petitions. I read Psalm 76, which inspired the quote. And here’s what came to mind:

What is it that you’re putting off that God is telling you to do? It is to spend time in prayer, reading scripture or just simply spending time with Him? It is having that conversation with someone who could bring about healing and forgiveness? Could it be reaching out to that person who’s been on your mind lately? Could it be just drawing closer to God. The Holy Spirit knows how to get our attention by speaking a language we’re very familiar with. Be obedient to whatever it is God is telling you to do.

You could be delaying a gift, a blessing, meeting the love of your life, or whatever it is God wants to bless you with.

Keep in mind that your relationship with God is more powerful and life changing than the blessing, Keep God first.


God is waiting …


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