They always come back once your heart has moved on. For there is time of healing, and a time of realizing what you loss or could have had. -Melvin Davis


They always com…


5 thoughts on “They always com…

  1. Charlene A. Howell says:

    true indeed. I noticed that with a most recent ex/friend. I went through my own personal healing process, which included therapy and, not long after it was done, he showed up again, wanting to act as if nothing had happened and everything was cool. I had begun to move on as it pertains to my heart so, he was only a mild irritant whereas before, he was like a package of nails scraping a large chalkboard 😀

    I was also able to tell him that I had moved on in pursuit of a more healthy relationship, to which he didn’t have much of a response. Going through the healing process AND seeing that I was free & clear to move on made me feel good, knowing that my heart was no longer tied and tangled up in a dead-end situation ❤

    • Melvin Davis says:


      I could see exactly where you were at when you experience closure.

      The fact that he didn’t have a response when you communicated that you’ve moved on was the confirmation he needed to reconcile in his heart. He knew it was over too.

      • it’s sad but funny to me because he holds on to what never was, all the while refusing to do what he KNEW was needed in order to secure a healthy future (he could clearly articulate what he needed to do but was too scared to make the necessary moves). *wondering* was I, in his mind, supposed to sit at home twittling my thumbs while holding my breath with the expectation of him FINALLY getting it? I don’t nor was I willing to have/make time for that type of madness. *exhale* 😉

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