My Devotional Message: Walking by Faith

A few years ago, I prayed to have the kind of faith like the men in the Bible had. And I can tell you, I received what I prayed for: God provided an array of opportunities to grow my faith, and it came by way of relocating from one city to another city, or from one state to another without knowing all the details or how things were going to turn out.  But I can testify that God provided each and every time for me. You’ll never discover this unless you’re walking b faith.

On my journey thus far to fulfilling God’s will for my life, I have to say we’re all given a certain amount of faith to begin our journey, but it’s great faith that will help you accomplish the task, the goal set at hand.  Great faith has to be earned through obedience. And obedience will cost you something.

I cannot go into full detail about the things I’ve experienced in my life right now, because now is not the time. I will say I’ve endured, experienced, and face some obstacles that literally brought tears to my eyes, and made me kneel in a position of submission and prayer. I’ve praised and worshipped God in a way that I’ve never done before. Praise and worship truly does change your situation. It’s real.

As I’ve come to walk by faith, I sense God’s presence everywhere he leads me. Knowing this gives me the kind of peace and certainty that I’m traveling on the right path. A week ago, while I was concluding my study of King David at the park, what resounded most in me is how God led David to victory after victory. The key word here is LED. And then I happen to look off to the side. I saw a father walking with his son. His son was probably 6 years old. As they were crossing the street, the boy walked in front of his father while cars were bulleting by, but he pulled his son back to let him know it wasn’t time to cross the street. I heard him say, “wait.” When the light signaled to that it was okay to cross the street, the father led the way, the son walking behind him. And that’s when the Holy Spirit whispered to me: “I am leading you.” This confirmed a recent decision I made.

There’s no other greater feeling of knowing you’re walking in God’s will, There truly is a sense of peace, even when things are rough. This knowing alone builds your faith. You will develop the kind of faith that will give you the strength to look loved ones in eyes and say I disagree with you. I know what God has told me is to do, and I’m going to do it.  You’ll have the kind of faith to tell people you cross paths with that I know this is what God is instructing me to do. I believe if I haven’t had the kind of faith that I have now, I’d be lost or sharing the company of other’s who are content with where they are in life. Contentment for less will never be an option for me. I can already envision/see myself of where I will be in the near future. I really do see it.

It takes courage, an uncanny willingness to remain obedient at all cost. Because you will be approached by believers who will tell you you’re doing it the wrong way, or you should be doing this or doing that. Don’t take it personal. Everyone doesn’t have the same anointing, calling or level of faith as you. This is a sign that you are a leader in the making.

Expect to be confronted by nonbelievers too for if things don’t make sense to them logically, you’re headed in the wrong direction or making a fool of yourself. Remember, the disciples struggled with their faith in the presence of Christ, who performed miracles literally right before their eyes. You are no different. Continue walking by faith. 



8 thoughts on “My Devotional Message: Walking by Faith

  1. Ky Graves says:

    An awesome and encouraging message on FAITH. It’s the POWER which fuels our journey on the narrow path. Thank you for reminding us of how we ought to TRUST God in every aspect of our lives.

    May He continue to fill you with His Holy Spirit; your cup runneth over.


    • Melvin Davis says:

      Ky Graves,


      The narrow path is literally narrow. It squeeze people out of your life that doesn’t to be there, and keeps you from going a direction that would never sit right within.

      The narrow path also hones your sensitivity to God’s voice and His spirit. You’ll literally see Christ being the Shepherd that’s coaching you to fulfil you’re calling and to continue abide in Him.

      I can say much more about the narrow path, but that’ll suffice for now.

      Thanks for your blessings. May God continue bring you into a greater revelation in HIm.

  2. Efrain Brown says:

    This is really an encouragement. You can pretty much bank on being taken out of your comfort zone when you are led by the Holy Spirit.

    • Melvin Davis says:



      The spirit of God led Christ into the wilderness after HIs spirit came upon him. No one else is exempt from the wilderness. It’s really preparation for a purpose bigger than you.

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