The man who doesn’t pursue you while you’re in a bad relationship is the man you may want to give a chance once you have healed and moved on. –Melvin Davis

Here’s 3 reason’s why you may consider giving this guy a chance.

1. If he respects the relationship that you’re while it’s going down hill, he’ll still respect you when things aren’t well between you two. Faithfulness is what I’m alluding to here.

2. He cares for you. I personally think it’s selfish for a man to take advantage of a woman when she’s vulnerable. If he cares for you, he’ll respect your boundaries, as well as the gentleman you’re currently with. He’s showing that his romantic feeling are irrelevant, and that the focus should be primarily being a supportive friend. 

3. He’s sensitive to God’s timing, if God has revealed to him that you’re the one for him, he will not rush to be with him once you ended things with the last guy. Again, his romantic feelings aren’t relevant, but your healing process is. 



The man who doe…


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