Be confident in who you are and not what you do in finding love. -Melvin Davis

Many people have different angles of landing the person they desire or finding love. It’s important to keep what you do out of that equation because the person will be attracted to just that, and everything else that has nothing to do with love or you.

If you are confident about yourself, there’s no need to employ a gimmick to obtain a desirable end. Your personality and spiritual substance is what should intrigue and capture persons attention. And you have it going from the outside, well, that’s even better. 

Be who you are because the person you’re pursuing may actually like who you are.

What you do should compliment who you are–never to define who you are.  


Be confident in…


One thought on “Be confident in…

  1. Charlene A. Howell says:

    thank you for this piece. honesty and transparency early on has ALWAYS been my motto and mantra. most guys with whom I’ve come in contact proved incapable of accepting that and/or doing the same, until recently. many of them came to the table wearing all of their fronts and multiple hats that they ASSUMED I wanted to see (which wasn’t the case). at the end of the day, the poop hit the fan and disappointment resulted. I didn’t allow that to deter me from being who I TRULY am and, in so doing, I have attracted some of THE most interesting and genuine people. now, I’m in the process of getting to know a young man who came to me bearing all and in a confident manner (not minimizing his significance or trying to “run game”). this was unexpected yet refreshing all the same and left me doing nothing less than the same. I’m learning each day that life’s most lasting lessons are learned when we relinquish our inherent need to control everything/one around us and just allow God and nature to do what they do best 😉

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