The Adam Checklist: What a Woman Should Look for in a Man

Melvin Davis

Ladies, I know when it comes to looking for husband, you want him to be good-looking but I hope you’re looking beyond the surface of looks and a nice bank account.  Here are things you should look for in a man, especially if you think he’s worth the time and day.

1. God created Adam to be in relationship with Him, which means, Adam had a Relationship with God.

It’s important for a man to have a relationship with God, because God holds a man’s hearts desires, his purpose, the blueprint of his life’s journey, how to go about pursuing his wife and most importantly, his life. Also, how a man responds to life’s hardships and challenges you will decide the health and longevity of his relationship with you

If you’re with a man who cannot communicate when issues arise or if he does communicate, and those words are profane, your…

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