What Moves Me About a Woman, Pt. II

Melvin Davis

What Moves Me About a Woman, Pt. II

The mind and the spirit of a woman is her true beauty. It’s something that keeps a man and makes him respect her. —Melvin Davis

But there were pretty woman everywhere he traveled. Such physical matters were nice, yet, to him, intelligence and passion born of living, the ability to move and be moved by subtleties of the mind and spirit, were what really counted. That’s why he found most young woman unattractive, regardless of their external beauty. They had not lived long enough or hard enough to possess qualities that interested him. (The Bridges of Madison County, 42)

Robert Kincaid, one of the main characters in The Bridge of Madison County, is a character that resonates within me with such familiarity. He’s almost a splitting image of myself in thought, character traits and his perception about life, love, and the topic…

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