An Excerpt from my Novel, Love Again: When a Man Feels This Way Towards You, He May Do This…

In this scene, David and Jennifer are at a park in Washington DC. As time progresses, so does David’s feeling for Jennifer. At this point, he feels comfortable enough to share  a poem with her.


“This is called, The Impact of Your Presence:

Jennifer, you are a divine encounter. One of the most beautiful things that I’ve witnessed about you is not just your external beauty or your mind, but it is your spirit. An artist could not sketch a picture so beautifully. A writer could not fashion such words so eloquently. Only the hand of God could accomplish that.

Your presence is a gift. You waken my spirit when I am around you. The thought of you alone puts meaning and life into these very words. You are so soft and so tender, so sweet and so compassionate. I’m comfortable when I am around you. I can be myself. I am often lost in your smile and your alluring eyes, so much so that my mind wonders in and out of conversation with you, yet I am in tuned into all of what you’re saying–that which is above and beyond the surface.

You are the true definition of a woman; elegant and classy in a dress, etiquette and speech, just the kind of woman who I’m drawn to. Your beauty defies age. You have replaced that which I thought I could not find again: twice as beautiful, twice as opening, twice as inviting. You care for me. You pray for me. You believe in me.

The impact of your presence is a powerful one. My heart is full of joy, because I have found a woman of purpose, a woman of virtue. You are a Proverbs 31 kind of woman. The impact of your presence,” David said kissing her hand.

Jennifer couldn’t hold back her tears. They fell on David’s hand without her heart’s permission. What she felt was an enigma in comparison to the experiences that she had with any other man, including her ex-fiancé. David’s romantic gesture cracked the hard shell that concealed her heart.

“Thank you, David. That was really sweet of you. I’m sorry for responding like this,” she dried her eyes.

“It’s fine,” David handed her a tissue. “Thanks for allowing me to spend time with you, and for allowing this moment to happen.”


3 thoughts on “An Excerpt from my Novel, Love Again: When a Man Feels This Way Towards You, He May Do This…

  1. charry love says:

    Wow! this is so so beautiful. I didn’t want it to end, it felt like a movie scene of a beautiful love relationship. Almost too good to be true, I can’t wait to read the rest of it in your novel. You’re very creative in your choice of words, and the images portrayed in the story comes alive as I read. it feels like I know the characters in the story because it’s so real. Your gift of writing is extraordinary.

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