Here in this scene, David and Jennifer are slow dancing on the boardwalk. Since there’s no music, Jennifer sings one of her favorite songs.

“Jennifer’s soft, tender voice closed David’s eyes in peace. She held him closer and tighter, gently tugging on his earlobe, while she rested her head against his chest. And the same churning returned again. The chill of the night and the cool breeze from the water no longer had an effect on her. The spirit of love budded her in its warmth. She glided her thin fingers against the grain of his stubble. She wanted to kiss him so badly, but she couldn’t have. She would’ve gone against what she said minutes ago. She could tell that he wanted to kiss her so badly too, just by the way that he fastened his brawn hands around her waist; and by the intensity that set in his eyes like a wildfire consuming a forest. Instead, he kissed her softly on the hand, and continued to hold her.  She respected that he made a choice to honor her decision of not crossing the boundaries of their newfound friendship.”


Fighting the Feeling of Love


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