Make Her Feel Special. Make Her Feel like a Woman

I kneel before you and kiss your hand because you are the love of my life

You can have whatever you want because I want to see you in the finest. Be a woman. Be beautiful

I’ll pamper you to no end because I want you to feel good inside. I will take care of you

It’s an honor to share your space, to be a part of your life

I’m thankful that you given me a chance. You never gave me the runarounds: honest, transparent, straightforward

I love everything about you: your simplicity and complexity

You are my one

Take this white rose, for you are pure

And take this red, for you are love

And take my heart, for I trust you

And I take my love, for I will make good love to you

I love to see you smile whenever you’re around me. It makes me feel like a man

I love to hear you laugh. It lets me know you enjoy my company

I love to see you cry tears of joy: it lets me know I have a special place in your heart

I love making you feel special. I love making you feel like a woman


5 thoughts on “Make Her Feel Special. Make Her Feel like a Woman

    • Melvin Davis says:

      I think flowers, candy or expressing your love for another is timeless. Rolling in the grass maybe something that a couple would do when they have the energy and vitality.

      • Reminding her that she is beautiful, long hugs, date night (even at home), helping with house chores are all things that make me feel special. There are many women that I know that don’t get either of the things I listed in the previous post nor any of the the thing listed in this one.

      • Melvin Davis says:

        Those women are missing out, but most men aren’t conscious of these things because they don’t know how to do them or were never exposed this way of treating women.

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