When the Door Opens to Move On, Take It. Don’t Look Back.

Hope runs its course when the heart realizes it has to move on.–Melvin Davis

Hope is like the backup generator when you’ve lost all faith in something working out. It’s like the prerequisite of faith. Hope is wonderful trait to have despite the obstacles and challenges set before you but hope in the negative could imprison you to your past or have you tied up in an idea about something that was never truly meant to be a reality in your life.

When it comes to moving from a failed relationship or what could have been, hope will present you with an opportunity to move on. And that opportunity comes when hope has run its course, because it realizes that heart is starting to accept the truth.

The truth about our situations will always present itself when the heart is ready to accept. But accepting the truth is a matter a decision. I’ve come across countless people who are denial because they refuse to accept the truth. I know what the feels like. I know what it feels like to have hope in something that God never intended for me to have. This can be painful because truth is filled with reason/rationality—he absence of emotion. Accepting the truth could be a tough meal to swallow.

When your window of opportunity avails itself for you to move on, take it. Don’t’ wait, rethink, reconsider or wait. If you don’t take it, you will continue to have hope in something that was never meant to be.


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