You could exempt yourself from a great blessing by surrendering to the easy way out. -Melvin Davis

Becoming a master at hearing and discerning the voice and will of God is something that I pray for, daily. An excellent listening ear and sharp eyesight will both be critical to the success God has bestowed over your life. Study the life of Abraham. See what kind of relationship he had with God then look at your life. But let’s go a little deeper on this topic of tough time 😉

Some of the tough times you encounter aren’t a result of your decision-making. They are divine by design and nature. Don’t let allow anyone to tell you you’re in a particular situation because of something you’ve done. Condemnation and judgment is not of God: For the father of lies will do anything and use anyone to thwart your mission. Such persons could be family, a best friend, a “spiritual friend,” an associate, a stranger, etc. Other devices of deception could be orchestrated through options presented to you in your most weakest and vulnerable times. For example: A change of location, a job, a relationship-essentially anything that could change the course of your life. The key is here to let your emotions settle to see the truth in front of you. Spiritual discernment is critical here. Trust God, and those who have been consistent in what God has revealed to them concerning your life. If not, confusion could be the vehicle that knocks you off the course God has on you.

Remember, although people may mean well, what others on the outside think and feel about your life is irrelevant to the road God has on you. They are not the key holders to your success or destiny nor are they the source of your joy and strength.

Also note: You will hear many people say God told them this or that about your life. But as you draw closer to God, you will see and hear the inconsistencies in their reading (s). God will always confirm to you, with clarity, what He has already revealed to you about. If what’s in your heart doesn’t add up to what the “prophet” he has said,. silence that voice immediately.

The next time someone speaks to you about your life, ask them what are they hearing from God? if they cannot tell you with absolute assurance, kindly ask them to hold their thoughts.


You could exemp…


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