Today’s Devotion

David picked Jennifer up from the airport. As soon as he hugged her, she immediately cried into his arms. She held him tighter, as if his presence and touch was going to make everything better. In a way, it did. These words traveled through Jennifer’s ears and graced her heart.

 “God there’s nothing that you can’t do. What are we to afraid of with you in our lives? What is sickness when we know you are a healer? Who are we to be afraid when death flinches at us? What is a valley with you walking in it?

I give thanks in advance for healing Jennifer’s father. I know you reconciled them for a reason, and that reason is for them to enjoy the rest of each other’s lives together. I give thanks to you because you are the one who brings everything together, who makes everything right and whole.

I pray that your spirit will comfort Jennifer. Give her a sense of peace that leaps beyond her own capacity to comprehend. Allow her to focus on the present, and not what’s happening in Miami, so that she’ll be able to fulfill her dreams as an actress. And God, if there’s anything you would have me to do in her life from this point on, even if the focal point isn’t love, because my personal feelings for her are irrelevant right now, I’ll be obedient. I love you that much to fulfill your will and not mine. Amen

The hairs on her arms stood straight, as peace consumed her body. It was as if something greater than her was hovering over her. It was an energy that was not of David’s or her own. Every word that came from his mouth touched her heart, touched her spirit and touched her soul. To hear a prayer fall off of the lips of a man who cared about her and her family made Jennifer appreciate him more. 

“Thank you David. Thanks for praying for me and my family.”

“Things are going to be okay,” he said picking up her luggage. “Let’s go home.”


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