3 Signs That You Met The One

3 Signs that you met the one:

  1. When you found a best friend in your lover. Your best is the person you can talk to anything about. You also can trust that person with your imperfection, because they will always listen with an ear of compassion and understanding, encourage and help strengthen you in areas you are weak. They will also protect you from others as well.
  2. The knowing factor, which is nothing other than a spiritual, soulful connection you have with someone. In the same way you know immediately that you don’t click or mesh well with someone, is the same way you know if you met the one.  You click and mesh in a way that you can’t articulate it. You just know.

Furthermore, you don’t have to question the true love that exists between you and someone, because you’re connecting beyond a surface that can’t be explained with words.. The person gels well with you in your silence, and you’re communicating without words.

3. Emotional and spiritual compatibility. Being at equal plains with someone is another sign you found the one. It’s important to keep in mind that the love your life doesn’t enter you life to complete you, but to compliment you, and to add to the love and all the great qualities you have with in. This doesn’t suggest perfection, but it does mean you know who you are before you meet the love of your life.

Two complete people are strong, confident, emotionally healthy and mentally stable. They may not necessarily arrive at the same place spiritually when they meet each other, but one person will have the hunger, potential or the curiosity that will lead them to a place to grow spiritually.

Completion = Compatibility


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