5 Things That Turn Men Off. The Passive, Victim Mentality and The Over Seller

  1. A “yes” woman. This kind of woman is afraid to tell the truth because she feels it would offend you.

Having someone agree with you all the time, even when you’re wrong, is a dangerous person to have around. They are willing to risk potential your disaster or embarrassment for the sake of offending you.

Speaking the truth in respectable tone and from a good place will make a man respect you more.

2. Lacks a Strong Voice: Women who are often passive aren’t assertive in conversation. You don’t have to be a “Great Debater” or have to give an astounding speech or remark about something, but a man who values your mind will expect you to speak it. Voicing your views or opinion of something are two ways to make you voice felt and known.

3. A Weak Presence: I talked to someone years ago, well I met up with her once, and I noticed she couldn’t look me in the eye when we talked. And then we got up to head somewhere else, and she walked behind me. I never met up with her again. Why: Not only did she make me feel uncomfortable. It made me feel I like wasn’t talking to a woman.

4. The Victim Mentality. Ever met someone who tried to force sympathy from you because of something they’ve going through? The reality is, everyone has a story to tell, whether it was near tragic, near homeless, going without food, coming from a bad family upbringing, the list goes on.

Women who have the victim mentality come off as sympathy seeking, wanting someone to feel sorry for them. It’s like forcing a bond to happen prematurely. No one is perfect, but it’s important to have control over your emotions and to shy away from using your personal experiences as leverage or to make the other person feel guilty or like they’re walking on eggshells with you.

Men aren’t looking to father. Men want to focus on loving you instead of counseling. They’re also looking for a best friend.

5. The Over Seller. The Resume Woman. Resumes are appropriate for applying for jobs, not a person-rather in finding love.

Over selling yourself by listing an array of materialistic things you have, how much you make or who you know says nothing about who you are. It’s irrelevant.

This kind of woman is communicating that this is why you should date them and they have said nothing about who they are.


One thought on “5 Things That Turn Men Off. The Passive, Victim Mentality and The Over Seller

  1. charry love says:

    I greatly admire your standard in the qualities you’re looking for in a woman. You appear to be someone who is particular with what you want, and it’s either a woman has the qualities you’re looking for or she doesn’t. The 5 turn-offs you mentioned here, I have never heard people or in this case men talk about before, but I get how this things could be a problem in a relationship/marriage. I’m glad I am learning all these from a guy’s perspective and using it as a mirror to evaluate my own life, to see where any of these is present.

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