After the Truth, Now What: Moving On From a Heart Desire or Failed Relationship

As I reflect on a conversation I had with a gentleman who walked into a store I worked at years ago, after he opened up to me about how he wished he could’ve been the man he was today when he dated a woman years ago, he said, after sharing my story with him, because ours paralleled: “if you cross paths with her (the woman I was in love with for 3 yrs.) again, and she lets you back in her life, make the best of it. But if she doesn’t open up to you, that’ll be your sign to move on. Well, a year later, his words finally manifested it.

About month ago, I finally received the kind of closure I needed to move forward in life. I spent a year and three months in FL, wondering what were the other reasons why God led me there to begin with. And that reason arrived to me at the conjecture of my time in FL. Doors were shutting so fast that I didn’t have time to think, but to act, and move in the direction of where God was leading me. About two days before I left, as I was praying for guidance and direction, the woman I was in love with responded to me in the way that let me know it was time to move on. After that happened, peace and closure filled my heart. And I left FL.

Here’s what I want to share with you from my experience:

  1. God answers prayers when your heart and mind is ready to receive to handle the truth Hey, it took 3 years to get over this woman I was in love with, and I can honestly say I am over her. I’m free. I was ready to handle whatever God wanted me to see.
  2. When the truth hits you like it hit me, you have to accept the reality of what is. I’ve come across so many people who are still in denial about how the other person feels about them.  Here are some goods words to live by: You are responsible for what you know. And when you discover the truth, it’s your responsibility to place it in its proper place.  You are holding you back by living in denial. Have the courage to accept what is, and move on. It’s hard, but if you are to move in life, and meet the love of your life, you must have the courage to accept reality.
  3. Believe you can experience someone better than the person you once longed for or were with. Believing that there isn’t someone else out the better is a lie. Qualities of brains and beauty, emotional and spiritual maturity, confidence and ambition, can be found anywhere in this world. The person you once had or desired isn’t the only one on this planet who can move your heart. Speak the love of your life into existence, and believe.
  4. Believing that there’s someone else out there begins with trusting God. By holding on to the past, you’re communicating to God that he doesn’t have someone else out there for you. You can’t receive if you don’t trust. Trust God.
  5. Accept nothing less than what God has promised you after you have moved on. I tell you, I’ve learned so much about myself during my time in FL–one of which is accepting nonsense, mind games and indecisiveness. Whenever I smell BS, because I know what it looks like, I cut ties extremely quickly, and move on without thinking about the person. My time is valuable, and so is yours.

Set your standards while waiting for God to bless you. It’ll keep from wasting time.

Whatever you prayed for that didn’t happen, perhaps you just gotten out of a relationship that wasn’t in God’s will, the truth is, if God wanted it work or wanted that person to reenter your life, they would have. The truth is not complex or complicated. It’s simple. And I’m talking to the person who knows what God has instructed them to do.

I’m excited about my future, and the woman God has for me. It’s time for you to move on and to get excited.


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