What Love Looks Like When It Unfolds Naturally

A day befor this outing, Jennifer reassures David that they weren’t going out on a date, but the moment suggests otherwise. 

A crisp air swept off the riverfront, where white yachts and small boats assembled in front of the marina. Jennifer shivered, instinctively wrapping her arm around David’s waist to keep herself warm. She savored the muscular build and the warmth of his body against her lean petite frame. Being so caught up at work, and so focused on her dreams, she forgot how it felt to be this close to a man.

Inside of the Grace Mandarn Restaurant, night had fallen by the time they’d finished dinner. David laughed, leading Jennifer by the hand to a bench on the boardwalk in front of the marina.

“Jennifer, you are so funny. You sure you don’t wanna be a comedian instead?” he said after she told him about the time that she slipped and fell on stage at one of her high school theatre performances.

“I tried to warn you inside, but no—you didn’t wanna listen.”

“Ok, enough. I’m almost in tears now,” David said holding his stomach.

“Okay, I’ll quit,” she gradually rubbed his lower back.

“Thank you.”

They sat in silence, listening to the trickling of calming waters—both feeling a special moment birthing out the night. Jennifer rested her head against David’s shoulder, capturing the full moon. She solemnly confessed, unconsciously rubbing his hand.

 “This feels like a date.”

“Does it?” David pretended as if he didn’t feel the same way.

“It does. Everything seems so natural, so unforced.”

“I think it’s better that way,” David said looking down into her seraphic eyes, surrendering to a dreamy smile. “I mean, for things to be natural and unforced.” 


This is an excerpt from my novel Love Again. Hope you enjoyed!


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