What Love Does To You

“Wow, David. This is beautiful. Is this yours?”

“No. A friend of mine owns it.”

As David walked around to the other side to open her car door, her heart took a snap shot of what could be. Jennifer began to see David blend into her life as a boyfriend, who had the potential of becoming a fiancé, with a forthcoming promise of being her husband.

“Jennifer,” David said with his hand extending out.

“I’m sorry, I was looking for something.”

“It’s okay,” he smiled with his eyes.

 Jennifer returned from the future, and latched on to David’s tight grip, and lifted herself out of the car, standing tall to the tip of her toes like a ballerina. They both looked deeply into other’s eyes—no words coming out of their mouths–only the silence in the space between them that spoke of a wonderful night unfolding before their eyes.

“Ready?” David kissed her hand.


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