What the Past Can Do to the Potential of Experiencing Love in the Future

After Kelsey listened to David’s recap of the conversation that he had with Jennifer, and about him seeing her with another man again, he encouraged him to focus on his life, and reconciling his relationship with his mother. But David wasn’t hearing it. He shot up from the chair, pounding his fist red, insisting that there was nothing wrong with him.

“David, you’re trying to force to love happen while you’re wounded.”

“I’m not wounded. I’m fine. Look at me. I have everything that I need. I can get anything that I want.”

“You maybe a successful writer with money, but once you heal from your past, you’ll truly feel and know what’s missing once you’re complete. Love will come to you when you’re complete.”

“Complete?” David mocked him. “I think I need a vacation.”

“Son, I’m not trying to get on you, but a vacation is not whatcha need. You need to find you mother,” Kelsey said, holding nothing back. He didn’t care how much David was annoyed by constantly pushing him to reconcile with his mother. “Your past will continue to show up in your present if you never face it. I’m telling you this because I love you, like my own son.”

“I hear you.”

“Do you?”

“Hey, listen. I’ve gotta get out of here.”

“Wait a minute,” Kelsey rose, and grabbed David’s arm, but he jerked away. “You’re acting just like your father. You’re stubbornness is going to be your downfall if you don’t change.”

David stopped dead in his tracks. The swooshing sound of the oxygen machine pumping air into his father lungs, as he lied in the hospital bed, never left him. He remembered the look of regret on his face for not quitting smoking. His father eventually died of lung cancer a few months after they started building a relationship– just around the time he graduated from undergrad.

“David, it’s time to put the past behind you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” David wagged his hand at Kelsey, heading out of the door.

“David,” Kelsey called after him.

“Kelsey, you’re not my father.”


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