If fear stopped you from pursuing your dreams, you have a right to keep your disbelief to yourself.-Melvin Davis


If fear stopped…


2 thoughts on “If fear stopped…

  1. Vinnie Boi says:

    Fear itself is a selfish emotion. One that we place on ourselves due to the sub conscience mentality of pessimism. Once we begin to eliminate such words as fear, try, etc from or vocabulary, this inturn opens or minds and emotions to possibilities of optimism. There is no inbetween, I challenge all to be progressive in thoughts of optimism.

    Peace to all,
    Vinnie Boi out.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Fear is an emotion that’s available to all of us, but as you pointed out, it’s a choice ( a selfish emotion).

      The goal is to always to activate courage and confidence so we can work through our wilderness to live out our purpose. You will live out your purpose.

      The gift is inarguably there.

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