The Prayer That Will Reveal Truth About Your Love Interest Pt I

Melvin Davis

When your heart is so committed to being with someone, it’s easy to overlook the signs that the person you’re with may not be the one God has for you. As I’ve matured in my spiritual walk, I’ve discovered that time is something that’s extremely important to me. Since I don’t have time to waste, I pray for confirmation before I invest myself into any potential relationships. I can’t afford to waste my time with someone or experience any unnecessary emotional turmoil that could be a distraction to my purpose and mental well-being

About two years ago I met someone who had many of the characteristics that I look for in a future wife. After our initial conversation, we decided to meet up again. As I drove home that night from seeing her, I prayed a specific prayer. Not long after I returned home, I received a text from her…

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