Loving a Woman Beyond the Surface Pt. II B. Building a Romantic, Spiritual Connection

For her to feel your love in her soul, she must feel your presence in her spirit first. –Melvin Davis

After establishing a connection with a woman on a friendship level, entering a romantic, spiritual space with her is the next step in loving a woman beyond the surface. This step takes wit, transparency, prayer and keeping God as the focal point of the foundation that you’re trying to build with her.

Wit is the ability to get in tune with a woman’s mind, heart, spirit and soul. It encompasses knowing her form and content, so you can consistently be what she needs and wants, whether in intimate and non-intimate moments. Furthermore, knowing those moments of when to flirt, when to keep a cool, when to interject humor, when to listen and not speak, when to take charge or be inclusive given certain situations. All of these instinctive moves are monumental.  She wants to know if you’re paying attention to the details of the woman she is. If you’re attentive, she knows she could talk all day and confide those deep matters of her heart to you.

It’s hard for a woman to love what she can’t see. And men, who are guarded, often accomplish this goal. Transparency is another key component in connecting with a woman on a romantic, spiritual level. It builds trust in a relationship, develops security in her heart, and situates the kind of passionate lovemaking that will solicit tears from her spirit. When she knows who she’s entrusting her time and heart with, this makes her feel extremely comfortable. And as I noted in another blog, comfort translates, her feeling beautiful, feminine and sexy around you.

Love at its core, unfiltered, is spiritual.

Praying together is one the highest altitudes of intimacy you can experience with a woman.  It cultivates the kind of bond, closeness, and trust with her, that you are the first person she can call on to pray with and confide in. Your relationship with God will open her eyes to see the spiritual leader in you, that you’re able to keep God first, and you have the ability to communicate and listen to his guidance and direction, and to make wise decisions that will impart shared happiness.

A woman interprets your prayer life and relationship with God as a sign of strength. Strength exudes the kind of masculinity and fearlessness, that you can withstand the challenges in life, respond with faith, and protect her at all cost. Her protection is not only rooted in your ability to physically fight someone off, but to also cover her in spiritual warfare or in challenging times of the relationship. It’s to shut down, not communicate—than it is to talk about the matter, then take it to God.

With the use of wit, transparency, incorporating prayer into the romantic relationship, and keeping God first, you can establish a romantic, spiritual connection with her. These are some ways you could love her beyond the surface.



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