On Spiritual Maturity: If you find love in humble beginnings, you found someone who loves you for who you are. —Melvin Davis

Looking down on a love interest because of where they are in life, or because of what they don’t have, is a sign of spiritual immaturity. Your perspective of relationships is couched in what others may think about your relationship (you are in a relationship with the person–not society,) and materialism (i.e., things you think you need to feel worth something).  A time may come where the seats may change, meaning: When that person has exceeded where you are in life, whether financially, socially, or career wise. And the interest may change: Whereas, you finally came around when that person has moved on.

 Spiritual maturity is so important, I tell you. With it, you can view life, people, the potential of love, or any other thing from a God-perspective. By that, I mean: Instead of you judging a person because of where they are in life, you will not only see what God had placed inside of them,  but you will also see where they will end up.

 Don’t overlook a blessing to go for someone who may have it all but will be faithful to you. 


On Spiritual Ma…


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  1. charry love says:

    I agree with you. That’s how I operate in every relationship I am involved in, and this principle applies as well to a romantic relationship. I believe true love accepts the other person as they are, shows understanding even when circumstances are not favorable, believes in them, sticks with their partner no matter what, liberates them not bind, and brings out the best in the other person.

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