Thing’s that mo…

Melvin Davis

Thing’s that move a man: Stimulate his mind and he might see longevity. Move his spirit and he’ll really start to think. Touch his soul, he’ll be praying for confirmation–Melvin Davis

Stimulate his mind, and he might see longevity. A man who appreciates more than a woman’s body, hence, her mind, soul and spirit, will expect, great, stimulating conversation from her. This will spark and keep his interest. A lot of women today have it backwards. They feel uploading eye candy photos and posing in skimpy outfits are keys to landing a great man, but that’s not the case. It’s false, despite how many men ask for your number and want to take you out. Yes, men like sexy, but classy is a different kind of sexy. Elegance is what differentiates a woman from a girl. With a provocative trajectory of yourself, you will not land a king, but a…

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