Text messaging is a way to communicate with someone, but it’s also a way for someone to lose interest in you. — Melvin Davis

Given certain situations, text messaging is appropriate to communicate when you’re not in a position to talk. That’s understandable, however, there moments when you can pick up the phone and call to talk. No one is that busy. Even I find to talk amidst working on my novel. The say goes: “You make time to talk to those who you want to talk to,” and persons you don’t’ want to talk to, you don’t set aside time. It’s simple as that.

Text messaging is really a second option to communicate if you can’t otherwise. However, in this text-messaging era, it has become the way to communicate. In other words, people have become too comfortable text messaging that they no longer have any interest in picking up the one. Making a call is an afterthought. If I must say: Text messaging is kind of like avoiding eye contact/looking down when you’re talking to someone face to face. This kind of behavior doesn’t exude confidence. In fact, it sends a message that you lack presence, and that you’re doing everything to avoid eye-to-eye contact. No, I’m not suggesting that you have to be loud and rambunctious. But let the person know you are there and attentive.

For those who love to hear the voice of their love interest, verbal communication is essential to establishing chemistry and getting a good feel for that person. Some people like me, prefer to talk in person instead of chatting on the phone. I like to experience the presence of someone, see their facial expressions, hear their words, and see if authenticity is flowing from their hearts. But if you’re text messaging someone, probably like 100 % of the time, to a person who prefers to talk-over the phone, chances are, if they aren’t responding to your texts, or responses have become short, they’re probably losing interest.  In other words, their patience has been cut short.

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming complacent with text messaging. It’s a way to communicate, when all else fails, but it is not the way to communicate.

Friendships, chemistry and relationships are developed through verbal communication—not merely through words.


Text Messaging Your Way Out of Love


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