There She Is

There she is, my bride to be, stepping slowly in white sands as winds lift her white dress: Her legs are beautiful, her skin, out shines the sun.

My heart overflows with joy and thankfulness as I remembered those days I was alone, the nights I prayed– waiting patiently for the one handpicked by our Creator

Thinking I’d never meet her, I focused on my purpose

And there she was one evening, dressed in a navy suit that accentuated her curvy frame at a cocktail party

Her witty sense of humor intrigued me, and her intelligence, held my attention, and her femininity, pulled me apart

I opened my eyes when she came closer to the center of the altar: Her eyes full of life an commitment, and the same beautiful smile that I saw on the day I proposed to her, had the same effect one me. So thankful

As I continue to look into her eyes as mine fill with tears, I inhale a deep breath—ready to impart my vows with into her heart, and spirit I read:

Since the day my eyes rested on you, I knew you were my equal

Your touch, your kiss, felt like no other woman

You are my virtuous woman, yes you are

You have no idea how long I waited for a woman like you, to take you as my wife

I want to grow old with you. I want to laugh with you. I want to pray with you. I want to pick you up when you fall down. I want to be the first to wipe away your tears if you ever hurting. I will to speak your love language until my very last breath

I want to apologize now for my imperfections, because we will have imperfect days. But know, it’s never in my intentions to hurt you, but to always love you

Thank you for letting me court you, for giving me a chance that led to this wonderful day.

I am so thankful to become one with you

I love you


2 thoughts on “There She Is

  1. charry love says:

    Awww so so beautiful, it really touched my heart. You always find the right things to say in your poems. You’re so gifted. I loved your recording as well. Even though I rarely listen to poems, I can listen to you anytime any day.

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