She’s afraid of Me Pt I

Melvin Davis

She prays to experience true love but my concept of love scares her

What she thought about previous men has been dismantled by my thoughts, but she runs with tears in her eyes

She desires to return, but fear keeps her away

“Why run?” I asked

She doesn’t respond audibly, but I hear spirit say, “Because I am afraid.”

Yearning to hear the voice of God yet she ignores when I call. I’m not God, but He speaks through me

She yearns to see the face God but she hides from me. I’m not God, but I was made in His image

My mind and spirit contradicts her thoughts about the stereotypical man yet she’s still afraid

She’s afraid because my concept of love brakes, shakes, deepens, heightens and adds years to her concept of love

“I’m not ready,” she claims. “I understand,” I said. “But you prayed for me…

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