She’s afraid of me Pt.III

Melvin Davis

She paces back and forth with tears falling from her eyes

I narrowed my eyes looking closer. I see she’s carrying one luggage too heavy for her

I stand to help, but God says “leave this to me” so I sit

In her left hand, I see fear, hurt, pain, and distrust. I also saw a man’s name

In her right hand, she carries “I want to love again but how?”

I continue to pray in silence watching trains pass by. I become frustrated

She sees the look of despair on my face and comes to comfort me

She sits besides me acting out her nature of nurture and care. I denied her not

My mind welter but her touch eases me. Her spirit is peace

She looks deeply into my eyes and I see words fighting to come forth from the fibers of her fears

I listen.

“I’m afraid because…

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