The Status of My Love LIfe Pt II

The disappointments you experience in dating is only building your testimony, and preparing your heart to never take that special person for granted when you meet them. –Melvin Davis

Five months ago, I blogged part I of The Status of My Love Life, and around that time, I felt I was in a place to experience love again. I opened up to crossing paths with someone, as honest as I knew how, but nothing happened. And late October, I realized why.

Before I left Florida in late October, something happened that I waited two years for. I had finally got the closure that my heart needed to move on from the woman I was in love with. Yes, it took two years to get over her because that’s how long it took my heart to build the strength to accept God’s will. When I arrived to that point, I said to God: “I’m ready to move on. I can be happy without her. I could experience what I felt before with another woman.” After I prayed that prayer, I received my closure, and I wasn’t hurt. Peace consumed my heart.

On the 11th of this month, I turned 33. In comparison to the man I was five months ago, I’ve grown tremendously since then. I really credit that to my wilderness experience during my 1-year and four or five month stay in Florida. What i experienced, I felt at times, was unbearable. My faith was stretched to its limits. I weathered storms that pressed and crushed my spirit, that raised my stress level to the skies, and that brought me to the point on nights, I couldn’t cry–only to pray without words. But during those trying times, I still had enough strength in me to say: “God I will never lose hope and faith–no matter what I go through. I still love you. I accept your will.” There was a park I visited often, well just about everyday, to have devotion there.  Sometimes I would go there at night, and stand in front the man-made pond, close my eyes and point toward the sky, and envision where I know God is taking me. I would start speaking God’s word and promises over my life-really speaking my destiny into existence.  Doing this helped build strength within me. I still practice this acts of faith and courage.

Given what I elaborated briefly in the paragraph above, I’ve developed a close and intimate relationship with God. I’ve discovered spiritual gifts that I sort had an idea I had. I’ve matured emotionally, and spiritually. I have become a man who refuses to accept less of what I know God has for me. I have developed a strong sense of intuition and spiritual discernment, and a kind of wisdom that has helped those who I have come into contact with personally, and through my words.

Part III coming up next 😉


One thought on “The Status of My Love LIfe Pt II

  1. Ticia says:

    Happy belated birthday. You have a very interesting past, thank you for sharing as a women I guess I sometime feel men dont grieve a relationship ending like so many women do but this helps. I have been in love with a man for years now and he has not love me back. It is time for me to pray and seek god on letting go.

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