The Status of My Love Life Pt. IV

Given all that I have mentioned in Part II, and finishing up first my novel, I have become more sensitive to who I allow in my personal space. I’m in a place in life, where I’m close to fulfilling my dreams and goals. I can’t afford to be distracted by the kind of women I’ve dealt with in my past. I’m not looking to get married tomorrow or next month. I’m not in a rush. I ready to settle down build a friendship with someone the goal in mind of entering a committed relationship. Of course I’m going to flirt with you along the way. I’m just saying.

I want this woman to be my spiritual partner, someone I could read and discuss scriptures with, and someone I can pray for and pray with. I want to be able to hang out with her as a friend and a promising potential lover. I want us to be the Jay-z and Beyonce. But she better not drop an album without telling) me. I’m joking about the comparison. But I’m sure you get the sense that I’m looking for someone genuine woman who’s emotionally stable and available. I’m looking for a woman who be able to handle what I’ve become, as detailed in part II. 


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