Bringing My Dreams into Fruition, the release of my novel, Love Again

Thanks to all who have liked my FB page: All of my quotes and blogs will be posted on that page for now on. Also, in the upcoming weeks, I’m launching a budget on Kickstarter for the release of my novel Love Again, since I’m self-publishing. Hiring a professional copyeditor (maybe a developmental editor too), and a proofreader will be critical in producing quality work. I want my work to reflect the success I see, and I want you all to receive nothing but the best. The budget will also building a building a website, marketing and advertising materials. A professional photographer and a graphic designer will come in handy in designing my book cover and business cards. I want my website to reflect one of superb quality, and one that communicates the brand I’m trying to articulate. I need your support in fulfilling my vision. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your help.


One thought on “Bringing My Dreams into Fruition, the release of my novel, Love Again

  1. Awesome, I concur with all of your next steps and wish you well. I publish and help others self-publish under my imprint: SiSability Imprint which offers various services to include proofreading and helping you find the right graphic artist to design a cover that reflects your content. And I feature all up and coming authors on my blogtalk radio show, whether they publish with me or not on: DrVwithLove. Blessings on your next steps and I am available to support in any way that I can. DrV

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