The Status of My Love Life Pt. V

The moral of the story is the women I meet are emotionally unavailable, and spiritually incompatible.

Being a magnet for attracting women who are emotionally unavailable and spiritually incompatible is quite irritating. In a way, it does make sense. There’s proof found in my purpose in life: Providing insight and clarity, and helping others heal from heartbreak, are a few things I’m known for. On a spiritual level, God has also used me strengthen their faith. I get it. It’s a part of my calling. But given that I’m a single man who desires to experience what I write about, again, it’s irritating to run into these types of women. The pattern is becoming more clear and evident, which in a way, refocuses my attention back to what I’m called to do. Anyhow, lets dive into the good stuff.

Women who emotionally unavailable are women who have recently broke up with the ex or thinking about breaking up with the current guy they’re with. Or, they can still see their ex in their future–although there are no vital signs of one. What’s funny is that I can already see what’s going to happen between me in that person, and what’s going to be said beforehand when things come to an end. Scary, or you would say, “interesting” right? But I never share what I foresee with that person because it would ruin the overarching reason of why we met in the first place, which was to bring clarity into their lives, help them recognize their value and worth, or to aid them in their healing process. When such variable becomes the focal point of our acquaintance, I lose interest. Why? Because I know it takes a great deal of time to heal from heartbreak, and usually I see that’s the only reason why we met to begin with. Irritating huh?

The spiritual incompatible woman is the type of woman I run into. She has a relationship with God, but isn’t developed enough to stand in a relationship with me. Before I elaborate further, so this message is read in it’s right context, I am no super spiritual, holy than thou person. As I noted in earlier blogs, I avoid these kinds of women.  Nor do I claim to be an expert of the word of God. I will say: Who I’m becoming in God and his purpose for my life prevents me from being with any kind of woman.  And I know that your level of faith and how you understand God affects everything you do. I know how you respond to life oppositions, where and who you socialize with, what dreams and aspirations you have. And, relevant to the topic at hand, I know that your relationship with God reflects your level of spiritual maturity.


Women I’m not spiritually compatible with are often women who are spiritually immature. I find them to be very judgmental, narrow minded, and cannot comprehend why I’m so driven and focused on my dreams. I was once told I was too predictable because I worked on my novel everyday. I laughed to myself. And I didn’t have the energy to respond to that comment, because I knew she was speaking at the level of where she viewed life from: A woman without purpose will make such remarks. I often get a surprise or indifferent responses whenever I mention I ask God to reveal if someone is my wife or not.  I can’t see why it’s a shock that I pray for confirmation if you’re closed to God to begin with. Again, when two people are two different places spiritually, you understand things on two different levels.

As I prep to self-publish my first novel, my life has become a bit more focused. Time is something that I’m highly conscious and sensitive of, as well as, who I share my time with. I’m at a point in life, where I don’t need any distractions, drama or confusion. I quoted once: You choose whom you are distracted by, and it’s the truth.

I see the finish line into a new chapter of my life. I want to move into that new beginning without disappointments, emotional baggage or things or people who are just irrelevant to my future. So for now, I am not actively looking for love, because I don’t have the energy too. My novel is more important investing my time with someone I’m unsure about. I’m sure, whoever that woman is, we will be when the time is right.

Check out The Open Letter to My Future Wife ( to where my mind is at.



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