The Kind of Woman I Desire, One that I Pray For

Is there a woman humble enough to walk in your ways? If so, where is she?

Is there a woman who finds beauty in you and her spirit, than the way you sculpted her? If so, where is she?

Is there a woman who isn’t conformed to the ways of this self-centered, indulged world? If so, point me to her

Is there a woman worth trusting and investing my time into at this point in my life? If so, uncover my eyes to see if she’s already there. Or position me to meet her.

Have your way, oh Lord

I pray that you receive my prayers in the deepest parts of you

May you answer them according to your will and timing, your purpose and plan

My attempts have all failed, but your ways have always worked for me.

You know me better than myself. Your wisdom cannot be contained, figured out or measured. I need your wisdom more than ever. I want to please you. I live to please you.

Bless me with a woman who fits in my life the way you want her to.

I pray her presence enhances mine. I pray no judgment is found in her heart. No shallowness found in her character or no conceitedness or selfish ways

You know God that all are unattractive.

I pray for a simple woman of taste and lifestyle

I pray for a woman who has her best in me

Send me a woman who embodies humility, generosity and unconditional love

Send me a woman who knows you


4 thoughts on “The Kind of Woman I Desire, One that I Pray For

  1. ChrissyNYC says:

    Beautiful! Hard to say, believe and trust in. God knows who she is. I love how you ask Him and set your expectations to be aligned with what He already predestined

  2. We have become so engulfed with what individuals society feels is the best person for us, that we aren’t asking the right person. I pray that God sends you someone designed for your heart, because not everyone can fit that mold. In addition, I ask that he touch the heart of that particular woman.

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