It isn’t love if it’s kept a secret.-Melvin Davis

When God blesses you with the love of your life, it’s not for you two to see or your relatives or close friends. It’s also for the world to see.

I know the day I propose to my future wife, I want the world to see. I want to show people who God blessed with this woman despite the multitude of my imperfections, weaknesses and shortcomings. I want people to see that God blessed me with this special woman because he knew my heart would be committed to spending the rest of my life with her. And because he knew I would protect and provide security for her. He also knows I would love her for who she is, and unconditionally. He knows that I would be the only man who would be patient enough to handle all of her imperfections, weaknesses and shortcomings, and play an intricate role in strengthening those areas, while still loving her no matter what. I know he would choose me because he knew I would be faithful and devoted her. He also knows that everyday she would remind me of his love. I plan to let the world to know that.  I want to show the world that love can’t be kept a secret.

God’s divine intervention in your life is proof of his existence, his grace and mercy to others. HIs blessings in your life ultimately serves the purpose of introducing himself to people who don’t know him, or who have an idea of who he his, believers and nonbelievers—to bring them closer to him.

Love can’t be kept a secret.


One thought on “It isn’t love if it’s kept a secret.-Melvin Davis

  1. charry love says:

    This just melts my heart because it’s so sincere and honest. I love the way you speak & write about loving your future wife, it feels real. I can say the same thing, I know God chose me for him because he knows I would be faithful & committed to him. it’s my prayer everyday to love my future husband in the same way you write. I have always prayed for a man who is not only patient enough to handle my imperfections, weaknesses, & short-comings, but can also love me in spite of them, if he is willing to play a role in strengthening those areas that’s like the icying on the cake. I look forward to the day I meet the man God made just for me, it would be a dream come true. I sometimes wonder what that day would be like when I finally meet him.

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