Loving a Woman Beyond the Surface Pt. III B

We arrive the centric part of this blog. The conclusion that will take us into act of spiritual lovemaking.This special occasion only comes from a place of purity that which God has ordained.

A woman’s lips are one of the most softest and sensual parts on her body. It’s the first place of contact that sends signals throughout her body, which dampens her soil before your love can journey deep beneath her surface to bring out the sunlight within her.

Here are the three important kisses she should encounter before you make love to her.

I. The first kiss should be a slow a kiss filled with gratitude. To be chosen by God to express your love for her in this capacity is an honor. This kiss lets know how much you adore her. The second kiss is filled with passion. This is her moment to feel your love for her. A woman knows whether you’re kissing her with passion, and with her on your mind. And the third kiss, filled with your heart desire to please her. It’s your responsibility to nourish her temple: Meaning her mind, body and spirit.

II.  Taking in a woman’s beauty is a moment to reflect, but why you’re reflecting, your hands should be at work—pampering her. The hard work she has put in to maintaining her figure was not only done for her, but for you as well. And she wants you to acknowledge and compliment her efforts in sustaining all the important necessities that it takes to keep your undivided attention. While you’re reflecting, massage the corridors of her frame, so that her mind and spirit could sink into a place of deep relaxation.  Reflect to acknowledge her beauty, and pamper with a deep tissue massage.

III. The parameters leading to her temple deserves attention. Soft peck’s, leading to her oasis, lifts more condensation to her soil, which makes the transition much smoother.

The oasis is the central part of her that unites your spirit to become one with hers. In it is life. It’s where her warmth cocoons you, making you vulnerable enough to submit to her. It also lifts you on to a cloud that’s beyond this world. Her oasis deserves your undivided attention with soft pecks and brush strokes.

IV.  The warmth of woman’s body is comforting. It stabilizes a man and restores balance within him. Comfort translates into security, and absolutely security means total transparency, vulnerability, and submission to the kind of lovemaking you want her to experience. This is what draws tears from her eyes because her heart is wide open to receive all of you. This is where the friendship, the romantic, spiritual connection you have developed plays an important role.

V. Hold her. At the conjecture of making love to her, it’s important to hold her, to look her in the eyes and tell her much you love her. It’s in this moment, when soft kisses against her face, strengthens the bond and love that you have for each other outside of this intimate moment. Those walks at the park or beach, whether grocery shopping together, dining out to eat, conversing over a beverage, or simply talking with one another while doing laundry or cooking together, those moments when you share a laugh from the belly, is more special than ever. While simple in nature, there will be a vibrant energy and closeness surging between you.

I believe this pinnacle of lovemaking takes time, devotion and commitment. The love for two people has deep for each other. The friendship has to be there. That’s the comfort. The romantic and spiritual connection has to be there. That’s the love.

Take your time to really get to know each other. Love is not rushed.


One thought on “Loving a Woman Beyond the Surface Pt. III B

  1. charry love says:

    This made me smile. It’s simply phenomenal, the picture you painted is perfect. Happy is the woman who finds a man, who delights in her, and who lovingly engages her in this way as a testament of his love for her. Blessed is the man who finds a virtuous woman whom he can trust, and who always brings out the best in him, and lovingly supports him.

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