On the Love of Your Life: God will send you someone who will celebrate you, and what you’re called to do. If it’s the opposite, that person is your distraction and discourager. They’re not the one for you -Melvin Davis


On the Love of …


4 thoughts on “On the Love of …

    • Melvin Davis says:


      It is painful to let go, but the longer you stay, the difficult and painful it will be to let go.

      You have to truly believe in your heart that there’s someone out there who love you for who you are, but that guy wouldn’t have a chance if you let the current guy go.

      • Melvin Davis says:


        You’re welcome.

        You can’t forget him because you’re still emotionally connected. You are a woman 😉 And a woman’s attraction to a man is more emotional than physical.

        The healing process takes time and prayer. I’ve learned that when you confess you still have feelings for someone, it speeds up the healing process. Confess all that you feel, whether to someone or on paper.

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