A Kingdom Minded Woman

She’s not persuaded by popular thought or trends

Her curves or her apparel don’t define her, nor the compliments of men

Her worth, her beauty, her definition and outlook of herself, rests on the foundation of the word and how God sees her

She is a reflection of her Creator, an expression of his love

She embodies the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit

I pray

Love is sown into the fabric her spirit, and draws you near-strengthening you like trees planted near rivers

Joy illuminates and sheds light into every corner of a man. Her presence is a must!

Her peace cocoons you, ushers you into a sanctuary of security. You’ll sleep well lying next to her. You can trust her

Patience is her grace and mercy towards you. She’s compassionate, and listens with understanding, but she is no fool. She’s not naïve. She senses the truth through gifts and honey-filled talk

Kindness and Gentleness is innate, a natural makeup of her femininity

Self-control protects her innocence, and keeps destructive words from rolling off her tongue

Life comes out of her.

I pray

A woman is truly a gift, one that I pray for

Prepare me oh God, in such a way that I am ready, that’ll be exactly what she’s praying for

Build a foundation in my life for her to feel safe and secure

Strengthen my walk and relationship with you that she may see a leader, bold and filled with confidence

I pray


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