My Peace and Joy, She is

Her presence soothes me like the peace in the Garden of Eden before the Fall

She’s a mirror of the face of God

A spirit pure and spotless

Her words have life

She is life

Everything around her must breathe and become a living thing

She’s blessing, a healer of the deepest wounds

She is strength and love, peace and wisdom, and virtue

Created by the beginning and the end

Sacred like the word of God

Infallible in spirit

You can feel it in her prose, produced by thoughts in her mind

Her insight is my compass, and her presence is a light unto my feet

With God in her life, she could never suffer from defeat

She is strength and love, peace, wisdom and virtue

I see her walking on streams of water with Christ holding her hand

She’s a woman who walks by faith and with her I know that I can stand

Stand the test the time… pushing through trials with her in prayer

I look upon her in her beautiful and glowing white wedding dress

Shining bright like Christ’s robe

A beautiful sight to see that makes me get down on bended knee

My God, this woman is so beautiful…tears of joy are leaving my eyes

By faith, I knew that this day would come, so it really wasn’t a surprise

I’m so thankful and so humbled. She could’ve walked away from me

But God wouldn’t let her and that’s how I knew we were destined to be

I looked at Christ in his eyes, but my mind just couldn’t fathom his power and I kneel down in worship

I heard his voice speak deep within me and reaffirming that he picked me to take this woman as my wife

He anointed my head with oil,  placed his hand over my heart, instilled within me the capacity and the instructions to love her

I listened to the meditations of his heart. I hear millions of angels in heaven all singing on one accord

So I rose to my feet, and joined my Lord and Bride to be on the water

At every step that I took, flashes of the past struck me and I began to sink

But Christ told me, “You’re no longer the same man in me and you deserve her…Get up and walk towards me.”

I kneel before my bride and look at her deep into her eyes. Christ nods,

“I’m so thankful for the man standing next to you.”

“Without him…this day wouldn’t be.”

“My heart is overwhelmed with joy.”

“I’m so thankful to become your husband.”

“I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you.”



3 thoughts on “My Peace and Joy, She is

  1. charry love says:

    I can literally feel the anointing of God all over your words as I read them. Every word I read give me chills. I can feel God’s overwhelming love for me in your writing, and I also feel the presence of God (it’s an incredible feeling). I am at a loss for words, this touched me in a deep and profound way.

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