Hurt From the Past

A beam of sunlight pierced through the opening of the maroon, embroidered curtains and illuminated the edge of a picture that was face down on the bookshelf. David’s body tensed, and thoughts of his mother shoved aside the pleasant images of Jennifer in his mind. He still felt the tingle of the chai tea on his taste buds, as he closed his eyes. A memory came to him of the time when he was nine years old and he tried to lean against his mother’s shoulder on the sofa while she was watching television. 

“You can’t do that!” His mother snapped, and pushed his head off of her.

David felt a shock of rejection. He searched his mother’s face, hoping she’d give him a soft look that would diffuse the hurt he felt. Why couldn’t he put his head on her shoulder? He didn’t understand. He stared at his mother, but she didn’t look at him. All he saw was the side of her stone face as she sat with her gaze fixed on the television. His heart shrank like a plant deprived of water and sunlight. That day, confusion and rejection started to build a home in him. 


In this scene from my novel Love Again, David is reflecting on a time of when he was trying to have a bonding moment with his mother. Her reaction of shoving his head aside when he tried to lean against her shoulder confused him, and left him  with the feeling of rejection. This happened at nine years old. David is an adult now and he still remembers this incident.  

Do you see the hurt he is dealing with, yet he is trying to find love? Can anyone, holding on to this kind of pain experience love? Is there something that’s still hindering you from the past? In order to move on, you have to revisit the past. It’s necessary to if you want become a better person, and to experience all that God has for you.

As you can see, Love Again isn’t just a love story. I touch on delicate family issues such as the feeling of rejection and confusion…two emotions that we shouldn’t experience from loved ones. 

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2 thoughts on “Hurt From the Past

  1. charry love says:

    My heart broke when I read how hurt David felt, when his mom stopped him from placing his head on her shoulders. I would be hurt too. I can totally relate to the feeling of hurt & rejection because I wanted to be loved so much growing up and I didn’t really get that, rejection is what I felt instead. I grew up with that void of wanting to feel loved & accepted. As a result I was always looking for love in a way. Your blog post really touch me deeply, it hits home.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed this excerpt from my novel.

      I believe that many people will be able to relate to the feeling of rejection from a loved one.

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