Reflections From Today

After putting in a few hours of working on my novel, I visited a park that I often spent time with God years ago. There, I reflected of where I was at mentally and spiritually during that time, and how much I’ve matured since then. It’s amazing to see the personal and spiritual growth and other personal changes that have occurred in my life. I also had the chance to see how much my faith and trust in God has gotten stronger, which was only opportune by the tough places he led me to and through. Today’s sermon in church, Frustrated Faith, reaffirmed that my seasons of testing/hardships served a greater purpose of preparation for a higher calling that’s on my life. There are some places God will lead you to that maybe painful and uncomfortable, but he has to strengthen your walk with him, so you can have an ear to recognize his voice, and an eye to recognize his presence moving in your life.  I also had time to do a few others things besides reflecting.

Its important to see yourself accomplishing your dreams. Envisioning, thinking positive thoughts and speaking positive affirmations over your life is critical during wavering times. Whereas, you speak it, see it and believe it before success happens. That’s what you call faith! When I lived in South Florida, I spent many nights at the park in devotion and “calling things into existence.” I would see myself being successful and began to speak by faith, that I will accomplish, x, y and z. I would imagine how God will use me to help others, and where I saw myself at financially, what kind of home I want to live in and what kind of energy I wanted to have in my home environment. I would also envision myself traveling around the world, and experiencing all of the beauty in it. With all the self-help books friends have to told me about, some I read, and the motivational speeches I heard, I’ve never done anything like this before. But the closer I drew to God is when I started to see what he has in store for my life. I am no longer self-conscious about speaking where God sees me when I’m alone. In fact, I often incorporate this exercise of faith during my praise and worship.

Giving thanks and prayer were the last two things I did before I left. I couldn’t help but give thanks for all God has done for me. I am truly undeserving of his grace and his mercy, as well as his unconditional love. I don’t deserve to be where I’m at in life right now. I really could’ve lose my faith and my mind–maybe even my life if God hands weren’t on my life. I’ve made so many mistakes and took a few wrong terms, and went through some tough times that were unimaginable. But God always seem to get me back on track and he always protected and provided for me No amount of money or success or person can replace my relationship with God. My existence and purpose depends on him. Therefore, thanks and praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Spending time in prayer is a requirement for cultivating a stronger relationship with God. Upon reflection, envisioning and giving thanks, I had to talk with God before I left. I’m at a point in life where I can’t afford to waste time or make mistakes. I’ve been guilty of that in my youth. Time is truly of the essence. I have a now or never attitude about accomplishing my goals in life, and I must always check to see if I’m pursuing God’s will for my life or if I’m going after a desire that’s in his will. When I pray, I always ask God to keep me inside of his will and to guide my steps. I’m literally afraid of making wrong decisions in life. I always seek God’s face. I want to be where he wants me to be. I strive to live my life for God. Doing what he has called me to do translates into success. I believe that success starts with having a strong relationship with God.


2 thoughts on “Reflections From Today

  1. charry love says:

    You may be the reason I learn to develop strong faith in God. You’re a man of great faith, I have never met anyone with a faith like yours. Almost everything you write about inspires me & touches me deeply. There are just a few people in my life that I can honestly say have impacted me in a tremendous way, and you’re one of them. I thank God you followed his calling on your life, and remained obedient to his will for your life even when it was difficult. because if not for the anointing of God on your life to reach and touch people’s lives through your writing & words of wisdom, I wouldn’t become the person I am today. And I mean that.

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