The Connection Between You and Her

In this scene from my novel Love Again, David and Jennifer began to connect on a deeper level, and the passion between them continues to grow.

Jennifer followed him as he led her into the living room. He stopped and clapped his hands. She looked around, waiting for the lights to go off or music to come on or something else to happen. “Just kidding.”

“You’re so silly.” Jennifer laughed.

He walked over to the fireplace and tapped the touch screen on the audio player above it. My One and Only Love came on.

“Coltrane and Hartman. You just can’t beat ‘em.” said Jennifer, pleased with his choice of music.

“May I have this dance?” David extended his hand.

“You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” She came into his arms with no hesitation. “I love to dance.”

“Oh, really? Give me sec.” David walked back the audio player and found Straight, No Chaser.
Jennifer took off her heels and began to do the Charleston. David watched her with a delighted look on his face, then took a step toward her.

“Watch it now!” She kicked one leg up high.

“Be careful. We don’t want another gym incident,” David teased.

“Do you know how to do the flat Charleston?” Jennifer asked, having a grand time.

“I don’t.”

“Come here. Let me show you something.” She took him by the hand.

David, getting the hang of the dance, took the lead. They danced until they were breathless, then he walked over and switched the song back to My One and Only Love.

Jennifer’s arms fastened around David’s back and she rested her head on his chest, which felt to her like a pillow of security. She closed her eyes, cradled in the rhythm of the music, the beat of his heart, and the peacefulness of his presence. This night felt just like the night at the National Harbor. She was overwhelmed by all that David had done for her in such a short period time. He was a gentleman who’d cooked an amazing dinner for her, and he loved jazz music too. That was the icing on the cake. One fond memory she had of her dad was that the two of them used to listen to jazz music together. She and her sister would dance and sing along with her father.


“Yes, David.” She opened her eyes, returning from her heaven.

“Thanks for the dance.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Bradshaw. I appreciate your care of me. This is different—different in a good way.” She glided her hands down the front of his shirt.

David placed both hands on the sides of her face and gazed at her. She saw the hazy, intense look in his eyes, and his lip parting just a little in preparation of a kiss. She gazed at his lips, savoring this kinetic moment. His lips were smooth, full, and the deep, rich color of Godiva chocolate. She bit down on her own lips, wanting so desperately to kiss him. But she told herself she couldn’t. It was too soon. And she was well aware of what could happen if she did. I can’t, she nonverbally confessed, and she rested her head against his chest again. She closed her eyes and saw the hand of love sketch David intimately into the portrait of her life. He was journeying deeper into her heart.

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The Connection Between You and Her


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