Will You Step Out On Faith?

When you are called to do something great, faith is a very important spiritual necessity you need to accomplish your purpose at hand. The kind of faith you will need must be cemented in your mind, heart and soul, because many voices, both far and near, will come to deter you at each chance when you are committed to rise to occasion of pursuing your purpose. And yes, people are going to talk about you behind your back, and question your motives for what you’re doing to build yourself up and dreams.

Faith will require you to walk alone, so that you can depend on no one but God. I know from this experience. To say that walking with God is a cool walk on the beach, that’s a lie. Greatness often comes with the price of pain and discomfort. Tough times serve the purpose of strengthening you, your faith and your fight for what you believe in, more importantly, your relationship with God. When you reach that level of success, your experiences will be the credentials you need to speak on a given subject you’ve been authorized to speak on, with clarity, confidence and authority.

If you will, lets take a look at what Jennifer is encountering in my novel Love Again. Jennifer finally landed a role in a major headliner broadway play. She returns to work that following Monday.

The CEO came out of her office when she heard all the commotion. As soon as she was told the good news, she called Jennifer into her office. The CEO took a seat behind her desk and Jennifer took a chair facing her.

“Jennifer, I know this is what you’ve been plugging away at for all these years. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ll understand if you resign.”
Jennifer nodded.

“I took a chance building this company,” the CEO continued, “but I can’t guarantee you’d be able to come back to your position here if things don’t work out. Let me know what you’re going to do by the end of the week.”

Jennifer stood up. “Thank you, Ms. Sperry. I’ll call you and let you know what I decide.”

“Good luck, Jennifer. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful career for you.”

Jennifer smiled and went out the door, heading for her office. She grabbed a cup of coffee on the way, went into her neat and comfortable office, shut the door, and walked over to the window. “This is kind of scary,” Jennifer said, sipping her coffee and staring out at the tall buildings and the people below that looked like specs of color in the busy streets.

All week, Jennifer tossed and turned in her bed at night. She was haunted by thoughts of forgetting her lines, suffering an injury, or if the show doesn’t turn out to be a success. Although she had a sufficient amount in her checking and savings accounts, a hefty 401K, and stock in the company as well as hedge funds, she was young and she needed to work for several more decades, at least. If she didn’t have a job when the show was over, returning home to Miami wasn’t an option for her. It had taken her a year and half to find a job when she moved to northern Virginia. She’d left there to make something of herself, to embrace an entirely new lifestyle, explore a new career, and take advantage of professional networking opportunities.

Every night since she’d won the part in David’s play, she’d knelt by her bed and prayed. She prayed for the strength to keep moving forward, and to not worry about what could go wrong. “God, I know you’ll take care of me.” Sometimes she felt better after praying. “I know you sent that old man to me.” Other times, she didn’t. “God, I’m so scared.” She remembered the chalkboard rocks that David had in the vase on his bookshelf that had encouraging messages inscribed on them. She decided to create something similar to keep herself motivated.

She started growing a scented geranium plant in her living room. For Jennifer, the seed of the plant represented her dream. Taking care of it was symbolic of the faith and the hard work she’d have put into her co-starring role to solidify a career in acting. She also posted sticky notes with encouraging and motivational messages around her apartment and in her car. She’d take a look at them before studying the script, which she did at every opportunity—in the mornings, on her lunch breaks, after work, and on weekends. Jennifer put so much time into studying that her parents, as well as David, reminded her to slow down, to pace herself.

Will you step out of faith to pursue the very thing that God has called you to do. Or, will you play itself by staying in your comfort zone. I can testify that God has never left me or forsaken or allowed so much in my life that it killed me. I’m no different than you.


Credits for the photo belongs to Richard Lyall


Will You Step Out On Faith?


One thought on “Will You Step Out On Faith?

  1. Ky Parker says:

    God is so good. Thank you Melvin Davis, you have no idea how I needed to hear this message. A powerful word of encouragement and an outpouring of godly wisdom. This sister really needed it too. An on-time God sent an on-time messenger.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to move me from fear to faith. Amen!

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