Those God moments

We all have moments of disbelief. Give this blog a read if this is you.

Fashionably Cosmopolitan

Seriously, 2014 is beginning to seem a little like 2013. At this point last year, I had just finished my MPH program and was waiting for God to send me a job. Last summer was a true test where I felt like God was truly stretching me and showing me that he could and would provide.
Ironically, I find myself in that position again. I am currently employed within the field of my dreams, but I learned earlier this year that my job would terminate on July 31st. Initially, I wasn’t worried because I had applied for a fellowship and strongly believed I would get it, but I didn’t. So knowing that I would be laid off my job didn’t really hit until the company told me directly that my position would come to an end last month.

I find myself struggling again with believing without a doubt that God…

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