Then God Said

They said no one would want you because you have children.
Then God said: “I want you, and I still have someone for you.”

They said you would never be forgiven for what you did.
Then God said, “Their words have no power over what my Son did.”

They said no one would support the idea or buy into what you have to offer.
Then God said: “Because I want to get the glory of what I deposited into your heart, I will send a people to support it.”

They said you aren’t attractive or wealthy enough to marry that kind of man or woman.
Then God said: “You are my creation, and whatever I created, is beautiful. And I’m not going to marry you off to someone who’s superficial. I am a God of substance, and I will send substance to you.

They said you’re too far left to turn right.
Then God said: “No matter how far you are away from me, I am still near. My arms are still open for you to get to know me through my Son.

They said you weren’t smart, talented and strong enough.
Then God said: “The gift I given you is sufficient enough for the purpose I given you. I will do great things in your life. I will give you what you need, and what you didn’t ask for, so they will know that I exist.”

They said: “Remember, you were that person who did…”
Then God said: “ Yes, you were. But when you found me, you became a new person. And whatever I make new has no association with the old. In fact, those people bring up your past, because they don’t know me.”

You have a choice to listen to what they’re saying or what God has spoken over you. In order to speak His word, you must know His word.


Then God Said


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