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What Kind of Woman am I Attracted to? Pt. II

As a single man, it’s a challenge to find a good woman. Well, a woman who has the heart, mind and spirit for and of Christ. I’m a fan of the television show Scandal, mainly because I am a fan of Kerry Washington 😉 , and the writing is superb. However, the interpretation of Olivia’s Pope dating habits has impacted the dating scene. Ms. Pope have given rise to the “side-chick.” The side-chick mentally has become more pronounced than ever–although the behavior has always been there. Some women have undoubtedly, flipped the script, by having a guy on the side. And I guess, rightfully so. I hate to use or acknowledge such an indigent term in my writing, but it’s a term and act that has become popular–well in some social circles and cultures, but back to the topic at hand.

Faithfulness is another quality I find attractive. The obvious definition of faithful is monogamy, but I want to expound on what think a faithful woman embodies. I noted minutes ago that a faithful woman is a woman who has the heart, mind and spirit of and for Christ, because her heart and spirit, her mind and body, and essentially, her life and purpose is dedicated to Him. She’s also a woman who doesn’t take her blessings for granted. A faithful woman is a best friend and a great lover. She’s committed to her man mentally, emotionally, and physically. She respects him at all times, whether in or out of his presence. For me, a faithful woman gives you a seat of comfort and peace. A faithful woman is attractive. 

 I mentioned in part I of this series that I’m attracted to a woman with drive. Anyone woman could have drive, but what does a woman with drive looks like pursuing what God has placed in her heart?

I’m attracted to a woman with integrity, and who has a strong work ethic. She is a woman of excellence; because she knows her God-given responsibilities cannot be taken lightly. She’s determined to reach her goal, and she will reach her goal, because her faith and trust is in God. Her work ethic also backs up her faith, confidence and trust in God. She’s a Proverbs 31 kind of woman. A woman with drive is a woman you could team with. She will push and lift you up if you’re slacking. She speaks her mind and the truth in the most loving way. While she’s a woman of purpose, she’s also lighthearted.

Many people get gist that I’m serious and deep all the time. Negative! In fact, outside of social media, when I’m not inspiring, posting devotional messages or quotes here and there, I love to laugh and relax: Women who take their self too seriously or can’t take a break from work suppresses her femininity and nurturing ways. I think it’s safe to say that all women are nurturing—or should be…maybe not? Anyhow, laughter and humor brings balance and creates memorable moments. Imagine sharing a laugh over something random or laughing about a scene in a movie and remembering the line to go with it. Priceless. A lighthearted woman full of humor is someone I would like to be around.

Now that I’m older, I look at a woman in different a way. By older, I mean who I am becoming in God. These days, I think about the kind of woman I would want to have child/children with, and how she would help raise our child/children. The stereotype goes that men aren’t good listeners. Well, I would say that some of us have “selective hearing” lol. I’d raise my hand to that. But seriously, men who are looking for something meaningful are listening and paying attention to you. He’s observing how you interact, communicate and how well you get along with other people, because he’s envisioning how life would change for you two once another life joins in. I’m attracted to a woman who can articulate and express herself without the use of profanity. It’s a turnoff for.

I can’t imagine being married to a woman who uses vulgar language or yells. No thanks. I’ll pass. But hey, some guys like that and don’t mind function in that kind of environment. I envision an atmosphere of peace, which doesn’t suggest perfection. I couldn’t imagine her speaking to our child/children or to me using profanity. There’s a way of getting your point across without cursing someone out or screaming. Love provides a respectful environment. A lady gets her point across in the most intelligent and subtle way that makes you feel her words before she resolves to taking action. And she also disciplines her child/children in a way that may leave him or her disappointed, yet still loved, because she taught an invaluable lesson that would be a moment to reflect once the child is of age.

If you’re read or reading my novel Love Again, which is currently available in the Ebook format, you’ll see how crafted Jennifer, and why having relationship with her father is so important. Here’s the link to my novel.

In the concluding series of What Kind of Woman am I Attracted to, I’m going to talk about the physical aspect. These two parts focused on the inner. 


5 thoughts on “What Kind of Woman am I Attracted to? Pt. II

  1. I am often reassuring my best friend that men like you are out there (I know because I married one). This blog post warmed my heart and I’m definitely forwarding it to her. From the female perspective- you have no idea how rare your values are. So many men feign romance and love in a shoddy attempt to get some. Right now there are entirely too many if that ilk after my friend, and I’m just dying for her to meet someone like you. This post will do a lot to reassure her- thanks so much for putting it out there!

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