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What Kind of Woman am I Attracted to? Pt. III

I like women who are feminine, whose beauty possesses versatility: She could look good in a cocktail dress, in evening wear, or in jeans, shorts or sweatpants. It doesn’t matter.  I’m not a high maintenance guy, so I think less is more. You don’t have to wear hills/pumps 24/7 around me or slap a pound of makeup across your face. In fact, while I think makeup does enhance what you already have, showing your skin is better. That’s my opinion. Again, less is more. I also find women attractive in flats, tennis shoes, etc. Other men may disagree with me, but if we’re headed to the beach or grocery shopping together or bike riding, and you coming out the door with pumps and makeup, really???????????  Less is more.

I like women who are in shape. Women who eat well and exercise are interested in being around for a long time. They’re taking preventive natural measures to stay away from diseases, lowering stress levels and maintaining their physique that attracts guys to them in the first place. Now, I’m sure you’re probably thinking, what exactly does he exactly mean by “in shape” or what’s his type. My type is the woman I will marry. I will go on to say:

Beauty doesn’t discriminate or belong to one culture or another. I find beauty in all different races and ethnicities. What matters to me is, of course the physical attraction, but also the chemistry and trust, the love and faithfulness, and we’re on the same page as it relates to the future. With that, we have something special that exceeds beyond cultural norms or stereotypical expectations and standards. Whoever she is that God sends my way, I will marry her. No one else opinion counts.


Another, Just in Case You’re Wondering Moment

If the thought crossed your mind, after reading parts I and II, that “I’m not where he’s at spiritually,” I could understand. However, I never been the kind of guy to shy away from or judge, condemn or x someone out if her faith or understanding in God is not where mine is at. We all come into our own at different points in life. Where I’m at in my understanding and relationship with God didn’t happen over night. It’s taken years, moving by faith, repeating mistakes and experiencing moments of failure. Spiritual growth has also stemmed from my level of commitment and obedience, and making myself available to hear and to experience the presence of God. I met a handful of women who were more spiritually disciplined than I was or had something to offer that I didn’t have–vice versa. Relationships are about giving and reciprocating. There should be a teacher and student that exists in all of us. By that I mean, you’re able to pour into someone, whatever knowledge and experiences you have, as well as, receive whatever perspectives and experiences someone else has to offer. I am a learner and I’m humble enough to ask questions if I don’t know something. I’m also humble enough to say, I don’t know it all.

If you’ve enjoyed my work so far, I invite you to read my first novel Love Again. I think it’s a good love story that you would enjoy, whether single or married. 

Here’s the link.




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