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She’s on the Way

About four weeks ago, someone stopped and asked me at my job, if I was single. My answer, “yes.” She asked why. My answer, “I haven’t found a good woman.”

Her response. “Everyone has the potential to be good, but what’s in the heart of a person tells you who they are.”

She went on to say that no relationship is perfect, so you can’t look for the perfect relationship. “Yes that’s true, but compatibility matters.”

She opened up to me about her husband. She confessed, for the first few years of their marriage, she wasn’t in love with him, but then she grew to love him. She went on to say, that when she got sick, it was his face that she saw in the hospital, by her side. Not that I didn’t know this already, but when you love someone, you’re there for that person. Concluding her testimony about the love she and her husband have for each other, she looked me directly in my eye and said, “The Holy Spirit is going to lead you to your wife.”

Her statement of faith and sureness hit me hard. Considering that, looking or finding “the one” wasn’t on my mind at the time. I’m sure you would think that’s the case because of my blog posts and quotes, but it’s not. I’m so focused my writing career and planting my roots, having a relationship is a little far-fetched, however, there are moments when the thought crosses my mind of being in a relationship. Anyhow, her statement of faith and sureness definitely sent a message that she’s on the way.

I walked away from that conversation at peace, and with a solemn excitement that she really is coming soon. I gave me something to look forward to, in addition to my writing career and the ministry God is preparing for me. I have no idea who or where she is but I know she’s on the way.

As I continue to go through the spiritual and personal transformations I’m currently undergoing, I know that I am being prepared for a wife. God is putting the finish touches on the leader He’s developing in me. He’s also strengthening my prayer life and faith, so I can be a presence of strength and direction in her life, through Jesus Christ. He’s giving me wisdom of how to court and treat a woman, according to His standards and ways. He’s disciplining a certain appetite within me, so my eyes will always be fixed on her without lust, but of a pure love and devotion. She will be the woman I adore and reaffirm her value in my life, in private, and publicly. 


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