How long?

Set aside how you think and feel about what needs to be done. Your thoughts and emotions don’t help you accept the truth that has been presented to you. Your understanding places you back into a position of confusion, to force what cannot be. Think of fitting the wrong piece into a puzzle. The puzzle is your heart. The wrong piece is something or someone. When you force “it” into your heart, other things in your life will begin to pop out. It starts with your peace. It’ll be hard to concentrate during the day and difficult to sleep at night. The next thing “it” tampers with is your joy. You’re not be the you that everyone knows. What you’re forcing is not adding to your life. It’s subtracting from it. When something or someone fits into your heart, life moves in harmony. There’s an unspeakable, solemn peace. It’s a knowing that cannot be ignored. You know it’s right. What is it or who is it that you’re forcing to stay into your life? #Proverbs3:5


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