Are You Ready?

When I have a day off from work, I take full advantage of the time I have. Besides doing other productive things or catching up with friend’s over the phone, and I’m not much of a phone person, I head to the beach. It’s a stress reliever for me. It’s where I find peace and balance to a sometimes up and down life. You may get the impression that everything is cool, calm and collected on my end, or I’m well put together or that I’m all wise and have every answer. No way. I have my battles and struggles just like everyone else. Perfection doesn’t exist in this skin. I deal with fears and doubts—sometimes questioning things that I shouldn’t. But hey, I’m a mortal, flawed man. That’s why spending time with God is extremely important to me. My wisdom and knowledge, strength and confidence, comes from Him. Not I, captain.

Yesterday on my day off, as I wrapping up my devotional time in meditation and prayer, a woman startled me. After I literally opened my eyes, there was a card in my face. The size of a business card.  She said, “It’s a beautiful day outside. Here, I want you to have this,” and walks off. I didn’t get a chance to say hello or thank you. She was probably off to continue her mission of evangelizing. I looked down at the card that asked the question, Are You Ready?  I sat shock, and a bit dumbfounded. I guess my mind was trying to process what happened. And then I read the back of the card. Here’s what may give you a spiritual chill.  It’s what I was praying for and about before the woman gave me the card.



While I was praying,  I had asked God to prepare and equip me for the higher calling on my life.  I also asked for God to make the ground of my temple holy. The temple is me. The ground I’m referring to is my spirit and soul. I don’t want anything inside of me that could be obstacle or a later downfall in fulfilling my life’s purpose. I want to be a disciplined and humbled man who could function in his calling with professionalism and excellence. I want to be effective at changing and healing lives. I also want to be a loving future husband to my future wife. I also want to make smart and wise financial decisions, and much more.

If you could see the statement, “Be holy, for I am holy,” you could probably make the connection. If not, simply put, the connection is this:

My effectiveness in my purpose has a lot to do with cleaning out all the impurities in my heart and temple. My temple has to be fully renovated before the Spirit of God to take full control and residence. The question Are You Ready? is God prompting me for the transition about to make, and what’s going to happen when I get there. After I walked away looking down the card, rereading the question, it made sense. I answered yes, but last evening, my heart and spirit finally agreed with my mind.

Now the question, Are You Ready? simply alludes to what God is calling me to do. I’m not ready to share what I’m ready for, but I’m sure many of you already have an idea. I’m still taking in what’s about to happen. It’s a little overwhelming to be honest. Now on to you.

“Are you Ready? for what God is about to do in your life. Maybe’s He’s nudging your spirit to get to know Him, by giving your life to Him. Maybe He’s preparing you for you career/vocation or a move to another city or state. Maybe the transition is to leave something or someone. Whatever God’s calling you to, it’s into something new.

You see, all the time you’ve been praying God was listening. It’s no coincidence that His silence is the building of your patience and readiness. When the prayer is answered, you may not have time to prepare.  I’m sure you know the results of having something or someone you wasn’t ready for. I do. Not a good feeling. It’s important to be ready, and fully committed and connected to God before “the new” arrives. He’s about to do awesome wonders in your life, and you have to be ready.




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